Who Can Enroll

Any student who is at least 16 years old and can benefit from training is eligible to enroll. A high school diploma or General Educational Development (GED) is not an entrance requirement for most programs, but does apply to some. Students applying for Federal Financial Aid must have graduated high school or completed the GED requirements. You may go to the Program area of the catalog to determine enrollment requirements for a selected program. For more information contact Student Services at 801- 753-MATC (6282).

How To Apply

Go to the Student Portal to enter demographic information and create a student account and login for completing your registration and for accessing student academic information.

IMPORTANT: Write down your student ID and password. You will need this information for registration and future login purposes. 

Complete The Prerequisites

Students must complete Career Ready Assessment. The assessment is free and takes approximately one hour to complete. Please contact the MATC Testing Center for additional information. There are no prerequisite requirements for some courses. Refer to the MATC Course Catalog for course specific requirements.

Students enrolling in Open Entry/Open Exit Programs are required to meet with the Career Counselor and in some instances the Course Instructor to discuss details of the program and to obtain a signed Training Agreement Form. Making a scheduled appointment is recommended; however, walk-ins are welcome from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. Walk-ins are not guaranteed and students may have to wait or reschedule. Please call Career Counselor at 801-753-4109 to make an appointment. 

Complete Registration

Step 1: Login to the Student Portal using your student ID and password created when applying.

Step 2:   Click on SIGN UP FOR COURSES

Step 3:  Click on desired Program, check the box for the session for which you choose to enroll, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on SIGN UP. Please read the IMPORTANT NOTE, then click on ENROLL.

Step 4:  Click on PAY. You will be prompted to enter credit card information. Click on PAY NOW to finalize the payment. If payment is not approved your space will not be held in the course. If a receipt for your payment does not appear for printing, please contact Student Services at 801-753-MATC (6282).

Payment in full is required to complete your registration and hold space for your enrollment.

High School students must complete this process. Your high school schedule may be blocked for MATC but this does not enroll you in a course at MATC.

Payment and Refund Information

Full payment is due at time of Registration. High school students pay fees only until they or their class graduates. After graduating high school, the student is considered an adult and is subject to the current tuition and annual fees for any remaining hours needed to complete their program and receive a certificate.

Refunds of tuition are given when: 1) a class is canceled, or 2) A student officially withdraws during the refund period. Fees are not refundable after the third day of instruction. Courses 50 hours or less: No refund of tuition or fee after 1st day of instruction. A $5 refund processing fee will be withheld from each refund (unless a class is canceled). Please allow 45 days for refund to be processed. Tuition and fees are subject to change. For additional information, see complete refund policy in the MATC Student Handbook. 

Transferring Course Work

A student transferring from another UCAT regional campus or another campus of higher education must meet the admission requirements of the MATC program. Students who transfer and request recognition of outside coursework must provide official transcripts and any other records and/or reports for evaluation. Transfer of acquired competencies and skills will occur after review by and/or demonstration to MATC program instructor(s).


A student is officially withdrawn when:

  • The student submits to the Student Services Office a Course Withdrawal Form signed by the program/course instructor.  Date of withdraw is the day the signed withdrawal form is submitted; or
  • The student is absent from class for 10 consecutive days.  Effective date of the withdrawal is the first day of class if the student never attended, or the 10th consecutive absence if the 10-day period began after the first day of class; or
  • The student is dismissed under disciplinary or academic performance policies; effective date of the withdrawal is the last day of attendance.

Students may drop or withdraw from a program or course any time before the first day of instruction for a full refund of tuition and fees.  After the first day of instruction students may receive a refund based on program length and the academic standing at the time of withdrawal.  Once a withdrawal or drop has been finalized, students lose any progression toward program completion hours and may be required to re-do the work if the student should re-enroll at a later date.

Administration may drop or withdraw students from programs or courses if they:

  • Register, but do not attend scheduled class times within the first three days of instruction
  • Register for a program or course and are unable or do not complete prerequisites
  • The student is absent from scheduled class times for 10 consecutive days
  • The student is dismissed under disciplinary or academic performance policies.

Students may be allowed to re-enroll after a minimum 90 day waiting period by following the re-enrollment procedure.  Please refer to full re-enrollment procedure in the MATC Student Guide.