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Interested in Federal Pell Grants? Learn how to qualify.
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Interested in Federal Pell Grants? Learn how to qualify.
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The decision to invest in your future by attending college is one of the most important choices you will ever make. Mountainland Technical College (MTech) educational costs can be paid for with a combination of cash payments, federal need and/or non need based aid, and other programs available to those who qualify. The Financial Aid Office is prepared to assist in determining which types of aid you may be eligible to receive, as well as in providing the information required by your other programs or sponsors.

MTech participates in a variety of financial aid options that assist students in covering the costs associated with enrollment in most of MTech’s certificate programs. Grants, scholarships, benefits for veterans, and other funding sources are available to those who qualify. Financial aid recipients are required to maintain standards of attendance, progress, and conduct.

Federal Title IV Financial Aid is available for eligible students who demonstrate financial need. Financial aid is meant to assist students in completing an eligible training program successfully and acquire a College credential. Mountainland Technical College (MTech) is a campus of the Utah System of Technical Colleges (USTC). Since all Title IV eligible USTC campuses are approved separately to provide financial assistance, some differences in delivery methods across campuses may occur.

Decide which program you would like to pursue training in. Your decision should be based on what you are interested in and would like to pursue a career in. Choosing a career that you do not like just because it qualifies for financial aid will likely result in two things, 1) You not being happy in your career and 2) more than likely your not finishing the training for that career. After you have chosen a program you can check to see if it is eligible for financial aid.

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