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Getting Canvas Help

Canvas Training

We strongly recommend that you complete a Basic Training Course on How to Use Canvas.

Students should complete Canvas Basic Training for Students

Instructors should complete Canvas Basic Training for Instructors

You don’t need to be an expert in it.  Just enough to use it as a tool.  No one likes to read big technical manuals so here are a few other suggestions for learning Canvas to succeed in your program.

1. Poke around
You can’t really break anything and sometimes just clicking around the screen and exploring can teach you more than a demonstration can.  Be brave and explore!

2. Google it.
There are hundreds of people answering thousands of questions by students just like you.  Just learn how to phrase your question using keywords and you’ll get better results.  Try using search phrasing like “Instructure Canvas ___________” where the blank is what you are trying to figure out.  Search youtube for recent videos.

3. Use the Student Guides or Instructor Guides
Canvas has some excellent student guides.  You do not need to read these right now but you will certainly want to bookmark these and refer to them as needed.  You can watch this short video on the Canvas guides as well as check out some of the links to the guides themselves.

Canvas Support

Need Canvas Support? If you have questions about your course curriculum, quizzes, exams or assignments, please contact your instructor using the HELP feature. Select HELP from the top right corner while in your Canvas course and then select “Ask Your Instructor A Question”.

If you are trying to report a problem with Canvas or need administrative help please use one of the following methods:

  1. Canvas Help: (the question mark in the bottom left of your Canvas screen). This is the best method and gets the best results. Include contact info if needed.
  2. Canvas Inbox: Replies to you will show up in your Canvas Inbox.
  3. Office Phone: 801-753-4108
  4. Email:

Respondus Lockdown Browser

If your instructor requires you to use Respondus Lockdown Browser for quizzes, tests and exams at home, you can download the Respondus Lockdown Browser Student Edition.