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In an emergency, EMT’s are typically dispatched by a 911 operators to the scene, where they often work with police and fire fighters. An AEMT cares for patients at the scene of an accident and while transporting patients by ambulance to the hospital under the direction of more highly trained medical personnel.

Advanced EMT (AEMT) is the second level of emergency medical training; therefore AEMTs have completed the training required at the EMT level, as well as training for more advanced skills, such as; intravenous infusion, advanced airway management, and medication administration.

This program is for students who have completed a Utah EMT program and are seeking the Advanced level. The AEMT program includes the following skill competencies:

  • Foundations of AEMT
  • Pharmacology
  • Venous access and medication administration
  • Advanced airway management
  • Patient assessment
  • Communications
  • Hemorrhage and shock

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Financial Aid Eligibility


  • MATC Emergency Medical Technician Program Certificate. Learn more about MATC Certifications.
  • National Advanced EMT Certification
  • NATIONAL CERTIFICATION TESTING: The Advanced EMT Program Fee includes the practical testing portion for the certification. The cost of the written exam will be paid to the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) upon program completion. The Program Fees also include the notarized application fees. Completion of this course does NOT guarantee certification with the NREMT or guarantee that you will be recommended for certification. Each student must meet all of the requirements of the EMT Program in order to be considered for recommendation.
  • In addition, students will be required to finish ALL National testing and retesting within 120 days of the last day of the program. There is both a written and practical test required by the NREMT.