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Program Description

Students have the opportunity to learn baking basics and the science of baking in an exciting well-equipped kitchen setting. This course is fast paced and follows the industry standards and practices of classical and contemporary baking. A variety of competencies and methods designed for our progressive course offers highly concentrated, focused, and hands-on curriculum.

Students participate in scaling and mixing, dough production, retail operations and oven work in our production kitchen.

The courses reviewed include:

  • breads
  • pies
  • pastries
  • cookies
  • doughnuts
  • cakes and specialty decorating

Bakery math, customer service, and human relations courses will assist the student with developing a portfolio. The students will prepare items for the on-campus cafeteria including a variety of baked goods, cakes and pastries finished to industry standards.

If you enjoy teamwork, bakery production, timelines, and creating delicious baked goods in a commercial baking environment, this course is for you!

The Artisan Baking and Pastry course will teach students a brief history of baking and a solid foundation for understanding the ingredients, tools, flours, temperatures, shaping, and mixing techniques of baking. Students will learn professional techniques that can be done in a standard kitchen setting.

Students will learn the difference between sourdough, preferment, levain, polish and straight dough which will strengthen skills in breads and pastries by working on sourdough, croissants, danish, and other baked goods.

Program Details

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  • MATC Culinary Arts Artisan Baking and Pastry Occupational Upgrade Certificate