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Program Description

Construction Craft Skilled Laborers work in a high performance industry. The Apprenticeship Program is for students who have employment with a construction firm that is a member of the Associated General Contractors of Utah. Students learn on the job with their employer, and attend classes taught by industry professionals, in order to learn theory and hands-on application.

This training is held four weeks a year, for two years. Students learn competencies in managing and understanding resources, information, technology, systems and interpersonal relations. In addition, they learn to prepare sites, use tools, run machinery and use materials with a focus on safety. In addition to learning from the pages of a book, you will learn directly from seasoned professionals that will show you tips, tricks, best practices and industry secrets that will give you an edge against your competition.

When students complete the Apprenticeship Program, they will receive a nationally recognized Construction Craft Skilled Laborer Journeyman Certificate from the Department of Labor / Office of Apprenticeship. Join the apprenticeship program and let your quest for the power of knowledge begin!

Program Details

Prerequisites, locations, schedules, costs and other requirements.

Students must be employed by a contractor who is a member of the AGC of Utah.

Students must Contact Richard Fullmer at or by calling 801-363-2753 for information on member contractors and to register for classes through the MATC.

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