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Program Description

Dental assistants have many tasks, ranging from patient care to record keeping. Assistants do lab tasks, such as making models of a patient’s teeth, and work under the direction of a dentist. They prepare the materials for procedures such as taking impressions of patient’s teeth or creating temporary crowns. Dental Assistants may also be able to do tasks such as coronal polishing, sealant application, fluoride application, and topical anesthetics applications. Not all states allow dental assistants to do these tasks. Each state regulates the scope of practice for dental assistants and may require them to take specific exams or meet other requirements before allowing them to do these procedures.

Dental office receptionists perform administrative duties using specific knowledge of dental terminology and clinic or laboratory procedures. Duties may include scheduling appointments, billing patients, and compiling and recording dental charts, reports, and correspondence; thus requiring knowledge of office systems and procedures.

This program is broken into the the following parts:

  • Part 1, DENTAL ASSISTANT CLASS and LAB TRAINING (450 hours). The Clinical Dental Assistant Program trains students in all aspects of chair-side assisting including: obtaining and updating patient dental records, sterilizing and disinfecting instruments and equipment, laboratory procedures, preparing materials for impressions and restorations, processing dental x-rays, reception work and billing tasks. Assistants make patients comfortable in the dental chair and prepare them for treatment. During dental procedures, assistants work alongside the dentist to provide assistance. They hand instruments and materials to dentists and keep the patient’s’ mouth dry, clear and comfortable by using suction hoses or other devices. This is a great introduction to the dental field for students interested in becoming dentists, hygienists, lab technicians, and specialty assistants.
  • Part 2, Clinical Dental Assistant Externship Training (300 hours). During this part of the program, the student works on-site at a dental office, where the student observes and may assist the dentist in daily tasks. This gives the student hands-on training in the dental field as a dental assistant. Students will be responsible to arrange their own externship site, in coordination with the instructor. During the externship, students are expected to have at least 15 hours per week at the externship site and will report to the instructor weekly.
  • Part 3 DENTAL OFFICE EXTERNSHIP (30 hrs), This externship will give students the opportunity to work on-site at a dental office, where they will observe and assist the front office administrator. Students will be responsible to arrange their own externship site, in coordination with the instructor. During the externship the student must report to the instructor each week.
  • Part 4 FRONT OFFICE CLASS (120 hrs),The Dental Front Office Program consists of training in dental office procedures including reception work, insurance and billing tasks, with different computer programs being introduced. Students will chart patient records and train on HIPAA and OSHA regulations as they pertain to dental front office procedures.

Program Details

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  • MATC Dental Assistant Program Certificate. Learn more about  MATC Certificates.
  • MATC Dental Front Office Program Certificate
  • MATC Dental Assistant: Clinical Program Certificate
  • Healthcare Provider BLS and First Aid Certificate
  • Occupational Upgrade Certificate in OSHA
  • Occupational Upgrade Certificate in Radiology