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Program Description

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning mechanics and installers—often referred to as HVAC technicians—work on heating, ventilation, cooling, and refrigeration systems that control the air quality in many types of buildings. Heating and air conditioning systems control the temperature, humidity, and overall air quality in homes, businesses, and other buildings. By providing a climate controlled environment, refrigeration systems make it possible to store and transport food, medicine, and other perishable items.

When working on air conditioning and refrigeration systems, technicians must follow government regulations regarding the conservation, recovery, and recycling of refrigerants. This often entails proper handling and disposal of fluids. Depending on the task, HVAC technicians use many different tools. For example, they often use screwdrivers, wrenches, pipe cutters, and other basic hand tools when installing systems.

To test or install complex system components, technicians may use more sophisticated tools, such as carbon monoxide testers, voltmeters, combustion analyzers, and acetylene torches.

As an HVAC Apprentice, you will learn techniques required to install new equipment as well as skills and knowledge to repair and troubleshoot existing equipment. This program is designed with related theory and hands-on application. MATC’s Apprenticeship programs are composed of two parts: (1) on-the-job training and (2) classroom instruction.

The on-the-job training is provided by an outside sponsor (employer) who exposes the apprentice to practical applications in all areas of a chosen trade. The classroom related instruction is an organized form of instruction, designed to provide the apprentice with knowledge of the theoretical and technical aspects of his or her trade.

Classroom related instruction will be held at one of MATC’s Campuses. Federal Certification is available through the United States Department of Labor Office of Apprenticeship.

360 hours (2 years, 2 semesters per year)


  • It is strongly recommended to register early due to a high volume of students registering with a limited number of seats. Students registering at least thirty days before the class start date will receive a $25 discount.
  • As part of the admission process students are required to complete an Entrance Assessment. The assessment is free and takes approximately 1 hour to complete. You can take this assessent at anytime prior to registration. You only need to take this assessment once upon first registering at MATC. You do not need to retake it for each program. For additional information or to schedule, call the Testing Center at (801) 753-4110 or visit the MATC Testing Center page.
  • The MATC Entrance Assessment and Accuplacer Math Assessment must be taken before registering for the first year apprenticeship session.
    1. If the student receives a score of 79 or above on the Algebra portion of the test, the student will not be required to take the Math for the Trades courses.
    2. To waive the Math for the Trades courses, the student must provide MATC with a transcript showing a C+ grade or better in an Algebra II course within the last two years.
    3. If the student receives a score below 70 on the Algebra portion of the Accuplacer Math Assessment Test, the student will be required to take and pass the Math for the Trades I and II courses with a C+ or better.
    4. If the student receives a 71-78, the student will be required to take the Math for the Trades II course and pass with a C+ or better.
  • First year students are required to meet with the Apprenticeship Department before enrolling in the program. To schedule an appointment call: (801) 753-4212 or (801) 753-4214
  • All students working for an HVAC contractor and unemployed students may register for these courses.
  • High school students must be working at least part-time for an HVAC contractor, be supervised by a Journeyman, and register with the United States Department of Labor Office of Apprenticeship.
  • Students must complete the prior HVAC course with a score of 75% or better to advance to the next course


Program days, times, and start/stop dates are the same for students starting their 1st year and for students returning for their 2nd year of the program.

An Offset Session for 1st year students (1A&1B sessions) will only be available if student enrollment numbers meet the minimum required to run class. Students must meet with the Apprenticeship Department before enrolling.

Note: For scheduled classes to run: Apprenticeship classes must meet the minimum 6 students per class requirement. If minimum count is not reached by the official start date students may be subject to rescheduling. For more information please contact the Apprenticeship Department office at the MATC Orem Campus:

(801) 753-4212 or (801) 753-4214.

(High school students can only enroll for the first session and qualify for free tuition only until they or their class graduates high school)

Program Details

Prerequisites, locations, schedules, costs and other requirements.

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  • EPA Certification; RMGA Certification; North American Technician
  • Excellence (NATE) Core Certification; North American Technician
  • Excellence (NATE) Heat Pump Certification