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Program Description

Welders work in a wide variety of industries, from car racing to manufacturing. The work that welders do and the equipment they use vary, depending on the industry. The most common and simplest type of welding today, arc welding, uses electrical currents to create heat and bond metals together—but there are more than 100 different processes that a welder can use. The type of weld is normally determined by the types of metals being joined and the conditions under which the welding is to take place. Welding is the most common way of permanently joining metal parts. In this process, heat is applied to metal pieces, melting and fusing them to form a permanent bond. Because of its strength, welding is used in shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing and repair, aerospace applications, and thousands of other manufacturing activities.

Welding also is used to join beams in the construction of buildings, bridges, and other structures and to join pipes in pipelines, power plants, and refineries.

A weld is the simplest and easiest way to join sections of pipe. The need for complicated joint designs and special threading equipment is eliminated. A welded pipe has reduced flow restrictions compared to mechanical connections and the overall installation costs are less. The most popular method for welding pipe is the shielded metal-arc process; however, gas shielded arc methods have made big inroads as a result of new advances in welding technology. Students enrolled in the Pipe Welding Program will learn the techniques necessary to certify to the following codes: AWSD1.1, API1104 and ASME Section IX. Hands-on practice along with classroom study of theory and technique, will be the emphasis of this training program.

Program Details

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  • QC11 American Welding Society Advanced Certificate
  • AWSD1.1 Structural Pipe Certificate SMAW
  • A.P.1 1104 – SMAW
  • A.S.M.E SEC IX Boiler & Pressure Vessel – GTAW