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Program Description

The Safety Inspection course is a 16 hour standardized curriculum that provides the necessary training and testing for individuals seeking certification in vehicle safety inspections on:

  • Passenger Vehicles/ Light Trucks
  • Motorcycles

In Utah there are three separate Vehicle Safety Inspector Certifications; Passenger Vehicles/Light Trucks, Motorcycles, and Heavy Trucks/Trailers/Buses. MATC’s 16 hour course only offers training for the certification in Passenger Vehicles/Light Trucks and Motorcycles.

MATC does not offer a course or training for certification in Heavy Trucks/Trailers/Buses.

Participants must score 80% or more on the final examination and performance checklists to achieve competency for the course and receive a certificate. Individuals successfully completing the training will be eligible to apply for their Vehicle Inspection Certification from the Utah Department of Public Safety.

Program Details

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  • Certification in Passenger Vehicles/Light Trucks and Motorcycles.